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Too much stuff dragging you down? Save time, money and energy by getting organized. By Jeanine Hanson Are you struggling with too much stuff? Do you feel so overwhelmed you just don’t know where to begin? Is tending to your belongings keeping you from experiencing your best life? The true cost of owning too many […]

Don’t spend another dime to get a fresh new look Redecorate your home with what you already own! By Jeanine Hanson Over the years, we collect the art and accessories that interest and delight us, and these are the very things we want to showcase in our homes. However, as new treasures and gifts continue […]

Feng shui for your home It’s not just red fringe and crystals! By Jeanine Hanson Just about everyone has heard about feng shui (fung shway), but information and perception vary widely from person to person. With roots in China and India, and loaded with cultural beliefs from both of these countries, feng shui can come […]

Organizing your kitchen before the holidays. 5 tips for getting started By Jeanine Hanson Fall is here and the holidays are fast approaching! Family gatherings and parties mean we spend much of our time in the kitchen, creating special dinners that we imagine serving on our favorite dishes. Don’t wait until you have a gathering […]

Toss your passive clutter Find more energy and creativity By Jeanine Hanson Lewis NOT ALL CLUTTER is unwanted. We can classify clutter into two camps: active clutter and passive clutter. Most creative people have active clutter somewhere. It is next to impossible to express our talents without stirring up a mess, whether that creativity originates […]

Packing tips for holiday travel By Jeanine Hanson Lewis We have all experienced the stress of last-minute packing, taking too much, yet forgetting something important. Once, in my haste, I packed for a camping trip and had everything except the jacket I really needed! Whether you are headed out for the holidays visiting family or […]

DIY – 1- hour decorating: Fast and easy rearranging tips to create the home you have always wanted By Jeanine Hanson If you are feeling that the rooms in your home look a bit uncoordinated but you don’t know where to begin, here are a few tips that may make all of the difference. Using […]

MOVING 10 tips to cut your stress and save money. By Jeanine Hanson If you have ever packed your belongings in a hurry and tossed them willy-nilly into unlabeled boxes, knowing you would have a mess on your hands unpacking, you are not alone. It’s not unusual for people who have moved just once, let […]