Decorating with What You Already Own

Decorating can be fun and easy using the furniture and accessories you already own.  I use traditional interior design principles to rearrange and restyle your collections, keepsakes and treasures to show them to their best advantage.  What makes a living space special is to surround yourself with the things that have meaning and reflect your personality.  I can help you to trust your own taste as well as make wise decisions about any future purchases.

I can help you to change the look of your rooms, with minor adjustments, redecorating to create:

  •  A welcoming room with a comfortable conversation area
  •  Rooms that function well to meet the needs of everyone in your family
  •  More dramatic spaces, with colorful walls and dynamic focal points
  •  Artfully displayed collections and accessories
  •  Rooms that live up to their potential and are easy to maintain

Here are a few redecorating tips to get started:

  1. To create a dramatic display, group like items together.  A gallery of art, photos arranged together on one surface, or a cabinet filled with pottery or china is much more dynamic than scattering individual items around the room.

  2. The more lighting options you have in a room the more comfortable it becomes.  Those bright overhead lights that are so useful when working on a project can be turned very low when entertaining if you install dimmer switches.  Likewise with table and floor lamps, dimmer switches or three way bulbs can make all the difference to change the mood of a room.  Other lighting options can include interior cabinet lights, up lights, valance lights, rope lighting over cabinets, tiny white lights in plants, and picture lights for a soft glow.

  3. If choosing a different wall color in each room, you can make the rooms “relate” to one another in a very easy way.  Introduce one or several small items in each room that match the color used in an adjacent room.  A pillow, piece of art, lamp, rug, or just a few large candles can do the job!

  4. Take out the excess; less is usually more when furnishing a room.  Don’t cover all walls and all surfaces with objects of art.  Leave some “open space” for your eyes to rest.  This lets the open spaces “frame” the areas of beauty.  It also leaves room for the “art” of new possibilities

  5. If your home office feels chaotic consider changing out all of those multicolored binders and storage boxes for matching solid colored storage.  All white or all tan binders and boxes can help to create a calm, organized look to any open shelving or storage unit.  Keep this neutral and let your eyes be drawn to something inspirational instead!

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