Decorating with What You Already Own

Decorating can be fun and easy using the furniture you already own. I use traditional interior design principles to help resolve common decorating problems and take the anxiety out of designing. I can help you to trust your own taste and make wise decisions about future purchases.

I can help you to change the look of your rooms, with minor adjustments, redecorating to create:

  • An inviting room with a comfortable conversation area
  • A room that functions well and has good lighting
  • A cohesive look
  • Skillfully displayed accessories or favorite collections
  • A more dramatic room, with colorful walls or just a few accents of color.

Here are a few redecorating tips to get started:

  1. Identify the focal point of the room, usually a window or a fireplace. If not, create a focal point by grouping similar pictures or collectibles.
  2. Cluster furniture to create cozy conversation areas instead of lining up furniture against the walls.
  3. Take out the excess; less is usually more when furnishing a room.
  4. One or two large plants can be very dramatic and much more pleasing than many small plants scattered around the room.
  5. Pairs of items create instant balances in cohesion in a room. Consider a matching pair of chairs, lamps, candlesticks or related pictures.
  6. Neatness counts even for your bookshelves. Line up books, library-style, to the front edge of the shelves. If you have a large collection of books, resist the temptation to mix books with photos and knick-knacks.
  7. Let one wall be an art free zone so the eye has a place to rest.

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