What is feng shui?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art and science that reveals how one’s surroundings can affect health, wealth and relationships.

Winston Churchill wrote: “We shape our dwellings, and afterward, our dwellings shape us.”

Never was this so true than today. If we knew how our things impact our lives every moment, we would be more thoughtful in our choices. Whether you are looking to make a change in your life, or you are ready to build, remodel, redecorate, or paint your home, feng shui is a system of thoughtful choices to create a supportive environment which can empower you.


Feng shui clients have reported improvements in: health, wealth, energy, relationships, family harmony, personal power, and serenity.


Do I need feng shui?

There are never any cookie-cutter solutions in feng shui. Every person’s needs are unique, so your consultation is specifically designed for you, your family, and your pets! I use feng shui principles to address the comfort, safety, organization and beauty of your home, to improve your health, wealth and love life. If you would like to enhance any of these areas in your home and life, feng shui may be for you.


Have you tried feng shui?

If you are an avid reader of feng shui books, you have probably tried many feng shui remedies and had some success. However, as a feng shui expert, I can tap into the pulse of the energy in your home and provide you with the most powerful solutions feng shui has to offer. Since 1993 I have continued to expand my knowledge of how feng shui is used in various cultures, having traveled to over thirty countries around the world. Put feng shui to work for you. Give me a call to execute your very own plan to get the energy moving in your home, empower yourself, and manifest abundance in your life.


If you want to get started now, check my articles for tips. If you would like more help, call me!

Feng Shui Front EntranceBefore: A straight line of old, prickly evergreens rimmed the porch and grew over the crumbling brick walkway blocking the entrance to the porch and front door. A few flowers were trying to survive in “island beds” at the front of the house.
Feng ShuiAfter: The evergreens and buckling red brick walkway were both removed. A wide, curved stone path is installed, one that matches the porch in color. The “islands” of flowers are connected and mimic the new pathway. Masses of colorful annual and perennial flowers are planted to welcome visitors.

Client Comment – “ Since our feng shui consultation our family has placed our home for sale above its appraised value. It shows well, and is so easy to have spot showings at any time, because of the level of organization we now enjoy. We have experienced an increase of energy and a sense of well being with the new organization and redecorating. We were able to quickly and easily accomplish this by following your road map, with the things already owned. Thank you so much for all the professional help.

-Darci & John S. – Lodi