It’s all just too much.

Are you struggling with too much stuff? Do you feel so overwhelmed you just don’t know where to begin? Is tending to your belongings keeping you from experiencing your best life?


You are not alone.

We’ve all been there. The overflowing drawers, the closets we’re almost afraid to open, and the garages that aren’t really for cars anymore. Do you swear the dishwasher is eating the lids to your containers, pots and pans? Do you lose your keys every morning or simply can’t find that pair of scissors you know you just used yesterday? It’s not due to a big memory problem. It can be solved! Would your life change for the better if you didn’t have to deal with all of the clutter? If so, it may be time to de-clutter and organize your home. Let me help.


There is help for you or your family member.

I offer organizing help that is gentle yet inspirational, nonjudgmental and confidential. As a professional organizer I will bring clarity to your seemingly overwhelming organizing dilemmas. The concerns may be yours, or for a family member. You are in charge every step of the way. I will offer solution options for you to choose from, then prioritize the steps needed to get your project finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. I specialize in taking great care to listen to you, work with your natural tendencies for finding things, and create custom organizing solutions to not only get things back into order, but make it easy to maintain that order.


 Reduce your stress and bring serenity back to your living or work space. It’s easier than you think! 

If you want to get started today, check my articles for tips. If you a ready for more help, call me.

Before: This catch-all laundry room has little order.
Basement Organizing
After: Order was restored, and floor and walls painted.


Before: Coats, shoes, mailing supplies, emergency files and information are not easily accessible in this small closet.
Basement Organizing
Plan: We custom designed shelves to house everything efficiently.
Basement Organizing
After: Everything has a home. Shelves and boxes are labeled.

Client Comment – “ Over the many years we had accumulated so many things they were moving us out! We wanted to edit what we owned to the things we liked best, but struggled about how to do it. We wanted to simplify the look of our house and make it more restful, easier to clean. Jeanine came to our home and listened carefully. She took the desires of both of us into account. She is pleasant and practical. We have accomplished what Jeanine suggested and it has made a huge difference. Our place is more inviting and serene. We are pleased to recommend Jeanine as an advisor to work with you.

-June & Ruth P. – Deerfield