Feng shui for your home

It’s not just red fringe and crystals!

By Jeanine Hanson

Just about everyone has heard about feng shui (fung shway), but information and perception vary widely from person to person. With roots in China and India, and loaded with cultural beliefs from both of these countries, feng shui can come across as mysterious, religious or just inappropriate for use in the Western Hemisphere.

Feng shui is not just about crystals and mirrors, red fringe and tigers. Underneath the cultural differences are principles of common sense.

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.”
– Winston Churchill

When we bring things into our home, we sometimes get an intuitive hit as to what feels right, even if we don’t know why. By using the principles of feng shui, we get an efficient method that guarantees success without leaving it up to chance. These feng shui principles can help to explain why one arrangement feels better than another. When we work with these principles we can manipulate our surroundings to change how we feel in our environment so we can create an atmosphere that supports our goals and dreams.

Try these three feng shui principles to create your ideal environment:

Everything is talking to you.

Every day, consciously or unconsciously, you are having a “dialogue” with each and every thing you own. Your mind is constantly processing the memories attached to them, whether they are wonderful or not. Souvenirs from a favorite vacation may cause you to daydream about sunshine and serenity, inspiring you to plan another getaway. Photos from a broken relationship may trigger sadness, and that sadness can keep you from attracting a new relationship. It is so very important to regularly clear out any belongings that don’t make you feel good. Make sure everything you own has only positive things to “say.”

Everything is connected.

Have you ever noticed how much more energy you have when your home is clean and in good order? This is no coincidence. How you feel about one aspect of your life, spills over into all other areas of your life. A tidy and orderly home affects your behavior wherever you are: home, work, school or out socializing. If you know you have your home under control you reduce your stress overall.

Everything is changing.
Have you ever learned something new that inspired you to make a positive change in your life, only to have lost that enthusiasm three days later? Attending a class about using a Macrobiotic diet to improve your health may have inspired you. But if you don’t return home and clear out the inappropriate food from the kitchen and restock with the new supplies, you may find yourself falling back into your old habits. It is most important to change your environment to support your intentions within three days. Failing to make the supporting change in your kitchen only helps you to fall back into your old eating habits.

As you learn and change, your home needs to change as well. You can create the environment that supports you and your desires!


Jeanine Hanson, owner of The Organizers, has been helping clients clear clutter, redecorate and bring beauty and comfort to every room of their home since 1993. Jeanine holds a B.A. in art from the UW, is a graduate of The Western School of Feng Shui, San Diego, CA, a member of the Interior Redecorators Network (IRN), New York City, and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She has researched home feng shui across the globe. Jeanine was previously an owner of the Ovens of Brittany restaurants and bakeries for 20 years.

For more feng shui tips check my website www.EasyHomeMakeovers.com. Phone 608.441.8795, email jmhanson@chorus.net.

 Published in Nature’s Pathways Magazine, August 2014